7 comments on “On Stage

  1. Your tag on TWT drew me into your post. I love “Waiting for Gadot” and was introduced to it in a high school speech competition. I taught the play my last year teaching, which was a bit of a full-circle moment. You are lucky to be able to see so many live performances featuring Broadway royalty. I love theater but rarely have a chance to see Broadway shows. We have Broadway Across America in Salt Lake City. I really enjoyed this tour of live theater and your memories. I hope the curtain rises again soon.

    • Thank you Glenda. “Broadway Across America” is fantastic. I applaud their efforts. I hope you get more chances to enjoy once this reopen.

  2. This made me long for Broadway even more. I miss our trips to NYC. We saw Josh . We lucked out because we saw the matinee and found out later that he was sick and didn’t do the evening show that day. Never saw Norm Lewis. Did see Sweeney with Angela Lansbury and George Hearn. I miss Broadway.

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