What Had Happened Was…

Now mind you, every other day I pick a room or two and clean. At times it’s a quick sweep and dust. At times it’s a full out clean. I’m in a two bedroom apartment. Within any seven days, I’ve cleaned at least at two-thirds of the place, so it’s never really dirty. However, every now and the the stars align on a sunny day – it’s always a sunny day, never an overcast or rainy one – and my mind, without any consent from the rest of me that had other (non)plans, goes into domestic goddess mode. Today turned into one of those days.

I woke up at 9am. I lollygagged a bit and rose at a 9:15am with the intent to shower and have a nice relaxing day where I’ll figure out a slice for today and then some vegetating, because gosh darn it I deserve a mindless day. I reached to get clothes from the dresser before I shower, when I touched the top and it felt a little sticky. Oh right, a squirt of the lotion I used yesterday had landed there. I had wiped it away, but a slight residue remained. Well, that just feels gross, let me clean it properly.

Go to the kitchen to get proper cleaning materials and see the cereal bowl I left in the sink before I went to bed. That’s a no-no, let me wash this, but hey, I haven’t had breakfast let me do that, wash everything and be done with it. Okay, get myself some French toast and sausage, check emails, scroll Facebook, and call my bestie while I eat, then return to kitchen to clean dishes. Sink hose starts to slip and in my rush to not let it recoil, squeezed harshly wetting the dishes, the sink and the floor. Sigh, finish the dishes, get the mop and clean up the water.

The wet kitchen floor turned into the floor looks dull, turned into full clean of sink, stove, fridge, mop floor and then mop-n-glo the floor to appropriate shine. That turned into the bathroom being scoured and the linen closet being reorganized, turned into the sheets being changed, the bedroom being mopped and shined, turned into…turned into… turned… You get point.

Now over twelve hours later, the apartment has been cleaned aft to bow, port to stern. I’ve even taken out meat to defrost so I can cook tomorrow. Want to guess what haven’t I done?

Showered. Dressed. Sliced. Or vegetated.

I’ve got to shower before I go to bed, because the dirtiest thing in my apartment now is me. I’ll be switching from one set of PJs to another and I’m slicing now. So much for what I deserve today, huh?

Let’s see what vegetation tomorrow brings with one less hour to do it (dang, I think I may have just jinxed myself).

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6 thoughts on “What Had Happened Was…

  1. Love how one thing leads to another leads to another leads to another her… For tomorrow may I suggest that you look at nothing and touch nothing. Enjoy a vegetating day.

  2. Well, anytime somebody’s starting off with “What Happened Was…” I’m gonna sit myself down and buckle up for the story that’s coming next. You didn’t disappoint! I loved the way you told how one thing led to the next, to the next, to the next. I’ve had that happen before, where I start to clean one thing and get roped into the next. And pretty soon I’m hooked. Here’s hoping your new day brings with it permission to just be a regular old goddess instead of a domestic one.

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