8 comments on “Oh, Now You Tell Me…?

  1. Yes, Covid has affected us in many ways not just health. Maybe if Persephone can take her sweet old time getting back to Hades Demeter will grant us a longer warm weather season.

  2. You’ve got to love all of these, er…”helpful” pieces of information that come AFTER we’ve done our consuming, AFTER it’s too late to adjust our habits. I also loved your use of the asterisk “I’m really not” several times in the blog post. Coming back to the refrain put a smile on my face, and you brought some humor to a situation that is *really not* funny. So thank you.

  3. Well, you took me out right about here”hey customer, just a heads-up – we know it’s Covid, it’s winter and and all. And you’re home all day now. And even with wearing turtle necks….” This Is America. If Covid didn’t teach us anything else. This piece was comical and beautifully written.

  4. This is super annoying, but I do love your muti-tasking asterix!
    (And you’re reminding me to prepare for my super-high summer bill if we’re still working remotely and I have to run my AC half the time. Ugh.)

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