6 comments on “Squirrel!

  1. I completely feel you on this, and I’m happy to write further in my comments. But first I need to fold the laundry. And make a to-do list. And plan out the meals for the week. And respond to my emails. But first let me handle this puppy that needs my attention. And respond to my kids. And and and.. =)))

  2. Oh, you clever person you. Hiding bits of information in unrelated files so that only you can pull them out and thus hampering those who are trying to hack your computer to gain the valuable information you have secreted there. Which branch of the service did you say you work for?

  3. I do so identify with this post. Squirreling away links, images and other bits of information only works if you can find them again in an over crowded Mind Palace…especially if you are minding more than one of and regularly fall behind on organizing as you go. OneTab has become my go to “just stick it here for now” digital McGee’s closet step before bookmarking.

    OTOH fascinating but overlooked links will pop when least expected. Such are the joys of serendipity….

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