12 comments on “Not Just In The Movies

  1. Oh my. That is something you would see in a movie. Although I love visiting NYC and really miss not being there in over a year I am glad I live where I do when during a 20 minute ride to work I only encountered one traffic light.

  2. For some reason the video isn’t working, but your description of the drive was enough to give me road rage. We have traffic here, but nothing like NYC traffic. I’ve only visited once (and loved it), but the drivers and traffic were unforgettable! haha! Glad you were safe, if frustrated by an obnoxiously long “quick trip”. 🙂

  3. I visited the US from India back in 2018. Stayed in NJ, traveled to NYC everyday for a workshop for a week. People warned me about the Friday afternoon traffic, but I was confident it would be a piece of cake for me, coming from India. But well, I WAS surprised! Never thought anything could come close to Indian rush hour traffic!

  4. I love this slice! And I absolutely LOVE that your thought was along the lines of “hmm…NOW I’ve got a slice!” THAT shows you’ve definitely got the writer’s eye. =))

  5. This does look like a scene from a movie, wow! Your description is intriguing and the placement of the video makes it seem like I was in the car with you.

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