13 comments on “To Lie Down

  1. I think you’ve woven in references to your three chosen poems subtly yet powerfully. I love
    ‘For those who barely dreamed to dare’ – turning the usual phrase on its head lends power to the seeming impossibility of it.

  2. The structure works so well here – expanding and spiralling. I like the fact that you referenced Gorman, who was referencing Angelou – and so poems grow and spread. Like Ingrid, I enjoyed that inversion of the usual cliche. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I love that you were inspired by three lines and the way your poem developed, the shift from ‘odious privilege’ and ‘odious claim’ to the ‘pale puffs of new smoke’ and being ‘brave enough to be, to see, to rise’.

  4. You’ve woven in your thoughts around your three chosen lines so very well. Moving from odious claims and dreams that seem unable to be reached….to “I’m brave enough to be, to see, to rise from there”
    I’m reminded here of Maya Angelou reading those words Rise Up.
    Well done!

    • Oh, I was not thinking of Angelou’s “Still I Rise” when I interpreted Gorman’s words for my own write, but yes, it is fitting. Thanks Lillian .

  5. “What was yours to keep, not ours to share” was a line that I think caught the essence of Amanda Gorman’s poem as well.

    I was even more fascinated with her reading than the poem itself… and we both incorporated inspiration from her poem,

  6. This is absolutely stunning! 🙂 I too love the shift from “odious privilege” and “odious claim” to the “pale puffs of new smoke.” 💝💝

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