Again On Sunday

I was on the phone with a friend earlier who teased that a day of rest for me is when I’m only doing three things at once. That I was changing my linens while waiting for the just mopped kitchen floor to dry before I can mop-n-go it and took a moment to jot down a couple of plot bunnies that popped into my head even as I spoke with her sort of gave her veracity, but I got her point.

After I’ve spent a couple of hours being Domestic Goddess to my humble abode I decided that a break and lunch were in order. Naturally, I do a little Facebooking while I indulge in more caffeine and think about what is going to be today’s slice. Then I come across a gem in my memories.

My flat may never featured on a home decor periodical, but today it is clean. I still have dinner to make between loads of laundry and a few other things. So, it amused me to see this eleven year old post concerning Sundays and days of rest being anything else coming full circle. And that even then a friend knew that a day of actual resting was not likely going to be the case with me.

I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. Is my definition of rest that different from many of my friends? Do I really don’t know how to rest unless I’m exhausted? Perhaps I’ll think about it later while I start backing up my computer while configuring my laptop as I catch up on the last couple of episodes “Outlander.” See? Only three things, and one includes semi-binge TV watching – it will be restful(ish) 😁.


It’s Day 29 of the 2020 Slice of Life Writing Challenge – come see how others are slicing it up this Saturday.

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7 thoughts on “Again On Sunday

  1. We are such busy beings. The slightly slower pace and different type of work we set forth for our Sundays have become that “rest.” Time to simply be with no goal in mind is hard to accomplish. Perhaps if we made it a goal?

    • A goal to do nothing? I have had that thought, but unless I’m sick or exhausted it is not my reality. My mind is always active – if not my body, but you have maybe it starts there.

  2. Hey, rest means different things to different people. Enjoy your rest whatever it may look like. Dinner, notice the word I pick up on, oven fried chicken, cheddar baked potatoes, some green vegetable for color – I think I have tonight’s meal planned.

    • We’re not that far apart. I had a hankering for comfort fare. So meatloaf, mashed potatoes and spinach was my dinner color pallet for this Sunday. I’m finally sitting still and doing only one thing – commenting on slices.

    • I feel like for me, sometimes it is the only way to get things done. Concentrating on one thing seems to elongate the time it take to complete it. Bouncing my energy around looks crazy, but hey it all gets done, right?

  3. I find cleaning my home to be fulfilling. Caring for my things is a point of pride. When I lived in Indonesia, I had live-in help, mainly because I lived alone and appreciated the help with the culture and language. Everybody said that I would miss the help when I got back to the USA. I definitely had a difficult time saying good-bye to her (we both wept), but I like being able to keep my place tidy. Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us.

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