7 comments on “How You Look At It

  1. I am always looking up words. Afraid of misunderstanding and misuse. That fear has taught me a lot about words and my understanding of words. Another word that flummoxes (perplex, greatly; bewilder) me is inflammable.

    • Yes! I feel that way about insane.insanity. It seems to me that being IN one’s SANEind is something that strive English makes no sense at times.

  2. It is something how the meaning of a word can change over time. If one is only familiar with a single meaning hearing used in a nontraditional way can really blow one’s mind. English – an ever growing and changing language.

    • Some words change meaning, some keep their meaning but come near obsolete. When’s the last time we’ve “forsooth”ed something? We’re not even down with the jive anymore, man. 😂

  3. I love how you took RedEmma’s comment and took a deep dive with it! And yes, I both grinned and groaned about being told to go look it up … in Merriam Webster’s in my case! 🙂

    • Sometimes this brain makes mountains out of molehills and then reverses the process and all I can do is is hope I find the emergency brake quickly to stop it. That was not one of those times – 😂!

      I no longer have a Funk and Wagnalls, but Merriam Webster’s Abridged still sits regally on my bookshelf.

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