6 comments on “Message from the Universe: Live

  1. You have a good day as well, Raivenne. This is an excellent reminder that we are alive and we need to make the most of the day we are given. Instead of complaining about staying in and not being able to go anywhere, celebrate having time to read that book you wanted to read, or start a hobby or project you were putting off. Here’s a novel idea…enjoy spending time with your family. You get to make the day what it is.

  2. OMG – bright and surly. I am so stealing that. I loved your post, too. Excellent perspective on all of this. Scary times, yes, but we are breathing. Hopefully the attitude in this slice can be as contagious as its source. Thanks for sharing!

    • Why thank you, Eddie. Oh I’ve used ‘bright and surly’ for a close to a couple of decades now. It’s fitting to my morning moods – enjoy it.

  3. Yes to all of this! Even as I set up to embrace my inner (not so inner) hermit, I’m also setting up ways to stay connected, ways to be sure to have time to take kinder care of myself. We are alive, and every day is a good day to have a good day. Thanks, Raivenne! ❤

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