5 comments on “One Monkey Part Deux

  1. WTF is right. Damn. Whether it was racism or germophobia or whatever, the whole situation seemed very tense and hurtful and I can feel your frustration right down here in the comment bin. My thought? I saw Logan, too, and I was thinking, probably glad that ‘doctor’ didn’t piss off Logan like they pissed off you. He was a fool.

  2. Unbelievable! I applaud you and your sons for your restraint…not an easy thing to do in this situation. So, if this guy was a germophobe did he wipe down all of his silverware, drinking glasses, chair he sat in, etc? Face it…he is just a rectal orifice.

  3. I don’t buy the germophobe dog whistle at all. Racist AF. The host calling him names under his breath is inadequate. These stories need to be told.

  4. The host was a coward. I’m sorry this happened to you and your family. I think it’s particularly hard when we have to keep it together during these moments that are children accompany us to bear witness. It’s an awful situation. I might call management if I were feeling so inclined, but, jeez. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. I’m sorry.

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