14 comments on “Name Me

  1. Each year new words are being added to the dictionary. Sometimes I shake my head and think “Really?” Maybe it is time to come up with a word that is useful. A word for this situation would certainly fit the bill. I know a few people in this situation and they also strive for the perfect word when introducing someone who is special in their life,

    • The Arjeha. I’ve started researching foreign languages to see if there is something I can co-opt. At least for myself. Mean Girls couldn’t make “fetch”, but “on fleek” is slowly becoming less and less de rigor -thank goodness-. When I come up with something, and hopefully someone to address, I’ll let you all know *big grin*.

  2. Well, typically I hear significant other or partner. Or it’s sidestepped by saying, “This is X, we’re a couple.” Or dating/date. I think it’s pretty much universally agreed there isn’t a really good term yet, but nobody has coined one. I don’t know- link, match, pair, duo, dyad, counterpart. My own choices have been companion (before using the L word) and beloved (after). Although I do recall using “my preciousssss” in a light-hearted way more than once.

    • I think partner works in the later stages when love is the dawning, but has not breach the horizon if you will. Significant other is when that partner has become that *significant*, L words declared, but not necessarily ready to pop/be popped the question. I want a one word, preferably gender neutral *something* for that early stage. That stage where you’re definitely a monogamous couple, who are still learning each other, for while the fuse is lit, the jury is still out on whether it’s going to be fireworks or duds. The other terms you offered, I feel are better used once fireworks are established. I would happily use dyad in place of s/o at that point. I’ve also used “my precioussss” in Gollum’s voice.

  3. I personally want to tweak “object of my affection” somehow. Wellspring of my affection is also too fussy. Maybe OOMA? I’d love to find a way to incorporate my “safe place.” Collaborator in life, hmmm. Remembering I’ve also used “co-conspirator” or “copilot” lightly. Maybe it’s all just too twee, and we could say, this is my co.

    • Yeah, OOMA is a term of endearment or proper noun for grandmother – a bit not good for my purpose here. WOMA? -Nah. Finding a way to introduce someone as your “safe place”. Now that’s a tough one and it can’t be twee if introducing a CIS male, most would balk. Saying “This is my co works as something light-hearted, and most people would get it without asking “Co… what?” *most*. Thanks Q.

  4. You certainly have provided much food for thought. So what to call a person you are dating-perhaps you could make up a new term and coin in for all those who are searching for the right word. Words Matter!

  5. My 82 year old granny hates when I call her man friend her boyfriend. Which of course makes me call him that all the more. Lol Sorry I’m no help here.

  6. This post reminds me of when I told my mother that I got married…I eloped. She was on the phone when we walked in to her house and said, I better get off, my daughter and her boyfriend are here. She knew I despised the word “boyfriend” so I said, mom, you know I hate it when you call him my boyfriend. She says, what do you want me to call him. I said, how about my husband.

    Now, I know this does not help you in any way, but I can feel your pain. There really should be a word for that. Hope you find an answer.

  7. Why not just ‘My date’? Clearly indicates more than friendship, but not necessarily intimacy. After all, a girls gotta hold out for at least a while, no?

    Then again, either ‘slave’ or ‘Master’ is perhaps apropos?

    • Because “my date” does not indicate that it’s turned into something of a relationship the way girlfriend/boyfriend does. As for the other terms, they would likely – though not always- come after the relationship has deepened.

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