6 comments on “You Must Remember This

  1. Wow, I can really relate to this. We have boxes in our garage and some in the house from when we cleaned out my aunt’s home and m-i-l’s home after their passings. I look through items and fing my grandparents’ marriage certificate, documentation from when they first came to this country from what was then the Ukraine. My dad’s cookbook from when he was a cook in the army (I know I am never going to prepare one dish that will feed 300 people, but it is my dad’s). Kathy suggests getting a shadow bos to display some of these items. Maybe one day I will.

  2. It is hard isn’t it parting with things that have value to you even though you wonder what long term value they might have to others. I have over the past four years been going thru a lot of my father’s things. Some things I find hard to throw away for no other reason than they represent a part of him that is now gone.
    I agree with you that we hang on to what we want for as long as want as maybe one day a gchild might come looking and it would be good to have something to show them…

  3. I went through this sorting and throwing aways 5 to 6 years ago. My husband was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease complicated with dementia and in a nursing home, and I found a new home in the city near to my daughter and work, & leapt on it. It took me weeks of going through years of saving, I moved what I wanted, and had an estate sale for the rest. The company did everything & it was a blessing. I still have much from both my husband’s family & my own, have boxed things to go to different cousins & nephews, etc. I hear you. Some things will just have to be decided by my children,. But I am still sorting once in a while, & still throwing away! Cheers for your thoughts and efforts!

  4. I lost my fiancee last June and I still have a lot of his things in my closet. I can’t bring myself to part with them just yet. Thank you for this.

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