7 comments on “Tale Weaver #98: December 29th – Celebration

  1. Oh but I love this response and what a joyous and happy ending with so many awaiting the signal and joining in the celebration. Thank you for sharing and participating in this weeks Tale weaver…happy new year to you…

    • I know! To participate properly in #52Essays2017 I suspect a) the essays will do a lot of Slice of Life double duty come Tuesday and b) because I am such a stickler for form and substance, my weekly poetry challenges will be what suffers the most from this. C’est la vie. Que sera sera. Et cetera…

      • Yes, I suspect Tuesday will become my essays posting day for the same reason! How I’ll keep up with Slice of Life during March or with National Poetry Month’s 30/30 challenge, I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes! 😊

      • Oh no, no, no. I am not spending two consecutive months in self-flagellation. For I know from past experience this is inevitably what happens as I overload my creative writing plates. I made the conscious decision that March and April were not happening when I accepted the essay challenge.

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