Timing Is Everything – And It Sucks

It was 7:30 am  when the sun’s warmth, a chirping bird, and yes, my bladder, wake me.  I rise and am actually shining and raring to go.  I told I was going to be productive today.

I promised myself today was indoor chore day.

You know the day. The today is the day I am finally going to <- fill in the boring-time-consuming-put off for too long – have no choice chore – here -> day. Today I have three of them to be done and I promised myself they will  be done today.


There’s only one sliiiight problem…

The weather was gorgeous today.  A beautiful early spring day here in New York City.The sun is out, the temperatures are wonderful. Of course it is.


Yes, I could probably leave this until tomorrow when it’s overcast and not as pretty, but I know me. Dreary days never make me want to do housework. Besides, it really has to be done today because I actually felt like doing it. Goodness only knows when I am going feel like being domestically productive like this again. (I think the last time was around Thanksgiving.) I told myself I could not leave t go to the store, because once I’m out the door that’s it, I’m not coming back to do anything. I even told myself I am not allowed to post today until at least two of those things were completed.

Not started.
Not partially done.

The first one, the hardest one, was checked-off by 11:30am. Yes!

I look at my computer. Touch a key to wake it. The blank page awaiting a post stares at me. I almost sat down, but then I remembered it had to be two things. I had only done one.


And naturally there were the texts and calls with their oh so tempting invitations trying hard to lure from my appointed goals. One friend flat out laughed at me, but I held fast.

You know I mean business!

Alas, it is now after 5pm. The sun is on the other side of my home from when I started this morning. I have only minutes of daylight left.

Now you know when I put my mind to indoor chore day a) it’s serious and now that I sit here at last to post b) I’ve checked three items off the list!

Yeah you read that right. The thirds job was the easiest one. I decided to just buckle down and “git ‘er done.”

I now have the rest of the evening and all day tomorrow free. Go me!


Let’s see how productive my fellow slicers are this 12th day of the challenge!


Slice of Life Writing Challenge – Day 12 – Two Writing Teachers


4 thoughts on “Timing Is Everything – And It Sucks

  1. Good for you. Now you deserve at treat just for you because you had a profitable day. Dinner out…or a glass of wine… or both. Wait…add a sinful dessert…after all, you did accomplish three things.

  2. I love the tug and pull of emotions you portrayed in your post. The realization that dreary days rarely make you want to do housework is so true! I just never realized it until you pointed it out and I am exactly the same way. Give me a gorgeous sunny day and I will be productive!

  3. I want to be strong and productive like you when I grow up. I’m so jealous, but alas not inspired to do my own mundane chores. Instead I’m calculating how much time do I really have til I have to do it. Good read.

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