City Gal Country Road

Won’t deny it, I am mostly a city gal, born and raised and I love my gritty streets.  But in my youth I had me a good taste of some country days and ways. Many summers spent down in semi rural south in Grandma’s house, I learned me some things most city folks know nothing about.

Don’t know why, but there’s something about this time of year, this early spring that takes me back. . The trees are mostly gray, the very first hints of spring raising  from aground, yet that nip of winter making an appearance in the late nights. Yet I know summer’s not too long from coming.

And I’m reminded of being in the middle of a bench seat of pickup truck as a child. Or riding shotgun on a back road as a young teen. Riding hard somewhere that has never known the feel of asphalt with the spray of mud and gravel flying from beneath the tires. Oh and dappled sunlight filtered through a canopy of leaves, my hand out the window surfing the wind.

Yeah, sometimes this city girl craves a country road.


Let’s see how others are slicing through what’s left of the weekend…


Slice of Life Story Challenge – Day 6 | Two Writing Teachers

2 thoughts on “City Gal Country Road

  1. I grew up in the country and there is something about space and fresh air I still like once in a while, amongst my suburban living. I like the dappled sunlight filtered through a canopy of leaves.

  2. This is my favorite line – dappled sunlight filtered through a canopy of leaves. I can visualize that and can’t wait for the leaves to emerge on the trees here in the midwest. Happy Writing.

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