10 comments on “No Photos Please!

  1. As you say, I can’t quite figure how someone would even think of bringing a camera or taking photos at a time like that. I appreciate you sharing how it felt as the widow. I can feel your anger and pain when you describe “What came out of my mouth was “NO!” at a volume that stopped everyone in the room cold. I had not even realized that I had physically taken the steps to beat her with her camera until I felt Reese restrain me”. So sad that she couldn’t learn from you at that moment.

  2. It seems that it is an “all about me” attitude with so many these days. The sad part is that people don’t think what they are doing is wrong or inappropriate. How sad.

  3. Definitely not a time for picture taking. Before I read on, I thought you were going to say that someone was actually photographing the deceased! That would be even worse, but it would not surprise me. During the 80’s, TV sitcoms showed men videotaping their wives giving birth! I hope that was only on TV, but it wouldn’t surprise me either.

    • Bob’s analogy is an apt comparison. It seems like social etiquette takes decades to catch up with the evolution of technology. I also feel like manners in general are going out of style. How do so many people stand by and just watch?

  4. You really kept your composure. I think that would have necessitated another funeral. Decorum is obviously gone in this digital age!

  5. You better post a note at the entrance . “No pictures allowed.”
    I have an uncle that has a funeral album. It’s apparently a Caribbean thing. I’m used to people taking a pic of the deceased, but not of people taking selfies with duck faces or peace signs.
    Sadly, has much as technology advances more more do people lose their mind or what was simply common sense.

  6. This is a really good post! It shows the problem with this phenomenon of self absorbed people. “It’s alright, he’s not in it!” as if that makes it OK. My uncle posted a short video on FB of a burial for another family member. I couldn’t believe it! I even wrote to him: ” Uncle! Who takes videos of the burial?!” and the daughter of the deceased wrote back to say that people who care take videos at a funeral. So, to her it felt like a sign of love. Go figure. I’m with you though. The world can go for 5 minutes without seeing a new picture of everyone on social media! I teach with a woman who literally posts a new “selfie” every single day. MAKE HER STOP!!! 😉

  7. So sorry for your loss. There are no words for your cousin’s behavior. Especially after you told her NO. We took family pictures at my dad’s memorial and my sister-in-law took a picture of my siblings and me at my mom’s memorial but not for public viewing. For us it was one of those “We’re all that’s left.” kind of things. But just for us. Your cousin was disrespectful and you handled it well.

  8. I have found that in the aftermath of a funeral, where the we have dealt with the past, after we’ve had dinner and we talk about the future could sometimes be an opportunity to take a picture or two… But that’s up to the family to decide. Selfies are nothing I would think about normally.. So definitely less at a funeral.

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