11 comments on “Power in the Blood

    • I get the “joke”behind it, but I find it most incredibly stupid, personally. It is my least favorite menstrual related euphemism and I refuse to use it.

  1. Like i said when someone posted this on FB a while back, I’m not offended by it at all, and agree that it’s time that menstruation not be treated so squeamishly. I posit that young male clerks may be more rattled by knowing the locale in which we’ll be working with those objects, but probably there is some squick as well. I’m certainly comfortable with menstruation- I started at 8 (yes, when there were belts), and have had extremely heavy cycles since. I’ve tried the cup, and employ reusable cloth pads. My only objection is that I just don’t believe this is art. Not that there is no way to use blood in art- she could have painted with them, and I’d feel differently. But supergluing a handful of tampons seems like a rather unimaginative, listless way to create “art.”

    • Clearly her her intent was less to strike the artistic endeavor, but more to strike the conversation one in this case. In that sense I agree it is one in need of having and don’t mind being lead into it.

      “…seems like a rather unimaginative, listless way to create “art.”” That was my reaction to “Piss Jesus” when it first started making the news way back whenever.

      • The media used in this and Piss Christ, and the elephant dung one, do smack of gimmickry to me, but I didn’t say it was unimaginative because of the media used at all. It’s the display itself. If the point was to start communication, forming used tampons into a ball gag, as building pieces to construct a jail, or as I mentioned, paining with them- all would have some merit. This is like a 3rd grade craft project, akin to gluing macaroni on a paper plate, Just feel the artist is resting very heavily on media, but no real thought or talent. To me: not art.

  2. This is a very interesting post and topic! I remember being terribly mortified as a teenager when my older sister would talk about my menstruation. Now, I view it as a sign of beautiful fertility (though, I still do not like the cramps and bloating), as well as the future of the human race. Raising my young son, I don’t try to hide my menstrual cycle from him. I’m very honest with him when I’m PMSing and let him know mommy might be a little more grumpy in the coming days. When he asks about my period, I answer any questions he has, even the ones about blood. Hopefully, he will grow up to see it as a natural part of a woman’s life.

    • Some older girls really like tormenting younger ones on menstrual cycles. We start out with trepidations before we reach menarche. Is it any wonder so many have hang-ups about it? You however, will have one well-rounded son, at least in that subject.

  3. No big deal to this man. I used to pick up pads for my wives and other previous partners, and have had sex with women during their periods. BTW, I cannot help mentioning that all of this and more is covered in one of millions of documents in the Vatican Library – the Codex Kotex.

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