Yes All Women

I fully admit the character limit of Twitter and I are not the best of friends.  Still every now and then, even someone as verbose as I must concede on how much can be said with so little. If you have not joined the conversation I urge you to follow, read, absorb, think and engage in the #YesAllWomen conversation happening on Twitter.  Do not dismiss these voices as ranting and/or misandry.  Read it, not just the surface words on pixels, but the words of those who have put their stories in 140 characters or less.

Read it, not just the surface words on pixels, but the words of those, female and male, who have put our stories, our hearts for your perusal  of the female experience as it pertains to men, in 140 characters or less.

Yes, several of the stories told are tragedies, but the fact that this still needs to be a conversation in the day in age is the bigger one.

#YesAllWomen on Twitter

2 thoughts on “Yes All Women

  1. I am not a radfem, but I very definitely identify as a feminist. I have for longer than a lot of people currently on the planet have been alive. Its discouraging to me that in the twenty-first century feminism is still misunderstood as being a hatred of men or not wanting to take responsibility for one’s children should one have children. Feminism is simply a demand that women no longer be treated like second-class citizens; that we have opportunities equal to those given to men, that we are paid equally for the work we do, that we are treated like human beings and not objects or servants.
    To paraquote Rebecca West: I am called a feminist whenever I behave in a manner that differentiates me from a prostitute or a doormat.

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