5 comments on “This Is A Beauty No One Is Sleeping On

  1. !! Oh! I love it. Just love it. There’s a part in the middle that goes very Agnes Obel-ish, and since I adore her, any similarity is a find. The super-long phrases on one breath at times (and other times audible breaths) sets your equilibrium slightly off-balance, which is GREAT with the whirling waltz. and also how she is slightly ahead, kind of dragging the weighty accompaniment behind (but in a GOOD way). Altogether, it almost gives the feel of a skilled hypnotist, swinging a pendulum to ensnare the target consciousness.

    • I love having someone with an extended musical base examine it. Yes, I know the basics of why it works, but listening to it again after reading you comment, I can hear and appreciate the technical aspects of how it works.

      • See, I passed it on to Ray, and while I loved it, and he liked it, he actually wished it would have gone further into the realm of minor. Now, I love minor, so sure, that would be great, but I think some of the creep factor can be attributed to maintaining so much of the original melody. Then we digressed into Star Wars music discussion- how the beautiful, innocent sweetness of Anakin’s theme was so unrecognizable at first, and then from the sweet flesh, the grimmer bones emerged- the Imperial March. Brilliancy by John Williams.

  2. I adore this new version of Once Upon A Dream~ The original has been my favorite Disney song ever since the very first time I popped my Sleeping Beauty VHS tape into my VCR and hit play. Its hauntingly beautiful, and I agree with the fact that it suits Maleficent perfectly. I can’t wait for it to come out in theaters!
    (Thank you for sharing, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise hah)

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