This Is A Beauty No One Is Sleeping On

The upcoming Disney movie Maleficent starring Angelina Joli is already getting a lot a buzz. Clearly Maleficent is going to be to Sleeping Beauty what the Broadway musical Wicked is to The Wizard of Oz. While the movie is by no means a musical, like Wicked and The Wizard of Oz, it already has its defining song:

I first heard a snippet of this on Sunday and was completely blown away by it. This rendition is beautiful, lush, beguilingly serene and yet unnerving, haunting and almost menacing in its feel.  This is especially true in contrast to the lighthearted, gay feel of the original.

And for those who may not know or remember it, here is the original version for comparison:

Lana Del Rey’s haunting take on the classic and much beloved original is akin to hearing a siren’s song across the seas knowing you are headed towards your doom if continue to listen, yet not being able to tear yourself away.   It is absolutely perfect for Maleficent and makes me want to see the movie even more.

5 thoughts on “This Is A Beauty No One Is Sleeping On

  1. !! Oh! I love it. Just love it. There’s a part in the middle that goes very Agnes Obel-ish, and since I adore her, any similarity is a find. The super-long phrases on one breath at times (and other times audible breaths) sets your equilibrium slightly off-balance, which is GREAT with the whirling waltz. and also how she is slightly ahead, kind of dragging the weighty accompaniment behind (but in a GOOD way). Altogether, it almost gives the feel of a skilled hypnotist, swinging a pendulum to ensnare the target consciousness.

    • I love having someone with an extended musical base examine it. Yes, I know the basics of why it works, but listening to it again after reading you comment, I can hear and appreciate the technical aspects of how it works.

      • See, I passed it on to Ray, and while I loved it, and he liked it, he actually wished it would have gone further into the realm of minor. Now, I love minor, so sure, that would be great, but I think some of the creep factor can be attributed to maintaining so much of the original melody. Then we digressed into Star Wars music discussion- how the beautiful, innocent sweetness of Anakin’s theme was so unrecognizable at first, and then from the sweet flesh, the grimmer bones emerged- the Imperial March. Brilliancy by John Williams.

  2. I adore this new version of Once Upon A Dream~ The original has been my favorite Disney song ever since the very first time I popped my Sleeping Beauty VHS tape into my VCR and hit play. Its hauntingly beautiful, and I agree with the fact that it suits Maleficent perfectly. I can’t wait for it to come out in theaters!
    (Thank you for sharing, I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise hah)

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