2 comments on “The Clothes Make The Man Or Woman

  1. First of all, I didn’t see the Golden Globes, so I’ve no idea what Gabourey or Melissa wore. Suffice it to say they’re both super hot! Otherwise, all my life I’ve worn whatever I wanted to, knowing that due to the cyclical nature of style, I’d probably be “in” at least 25% of the time by changing nothing at all. I’m 63 and I fondly look back to the time when a man, at least, could go to a department store to buy slacks without having to be bothered with designer labels. Clothes was always a “nag” subject with my father, who seemed to wear a suit and tie far more often than was necessary.

    On a related subject, why do women allow their clothing styles to be dictated by gay men, whose attitudes towards women more often than not range from indifferent to hostile?

  2. A) Not all clothing designers are hostile, indifferent or gay men, don’t generalize. B) It’s human nature to want to either differentiate from or blend in with others. Clothing is one of the easiest ways to express oneself. So for the billions of people who do not have the talent, time or funds to create their own clothing who else, but a designer/tailor/seamstress to create clothes for us to express that? C) It’s not just women, men who choose to be fashionable, or far that matter to not be so, are just as much dictated to, ergo… D) We’re all dictated to in our clothing choices or lack of choices in some fashion regardless.

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