8 comments on “Two Black Suns

  1. This piece makes me think … I may not live in the US, but I have two suns as well, and just like you say, one is nice, the other is hot tempered … and this makes me pause and think. Even tho they are only 6 and 9, right now, they will not stay that small forever.

    Thanks for this write Rai.

  2. Oh, Rai. As the sister and aunt of black suns, this post charts my terrors, too.

    I saw too many people in our nice, quiet, friendly little town upstate use my brother’s color against him, spent too many late nights up worrying about where he was and what might be happening to him, spent too much time praying he could learn to bite back his temper … just sometimes.

    With my nephew I’ve worried less. His life has been so carefully scripted, so protected. But he’s out in the world now, a newly-minted 20-year-old with all the pride, confidence and swagger of a child who knows he is smart, knows he is capable.

    And I worry as he goes out into the world: how will he come back to us?

  3. I admire your ability to share something so close to your heart with the community at large. It is so important for us all to keep the reality of too many right in our hearts and eyes, and not the distant reality of a TV screen.

    I hope to raise my sons to be loud, unfailing advocates for chanigng this reality.

  4. This was a powerful piece. Your passion shone through with every word. I’m a white mom – with white boys. I’m a white teacher – with white students. Not only that, but I live and teach in an area filled with plenty. So often I am reminded that those with whom I interact on a daily basis have NO IDEA what the world is like for others. Those with different skin or less money in the bank. As an elementary teacher, I do what I can do start introducing my students to some of these truths. The world MUST change. It’s taken so many more years than it should have to even get this far.

    “All men are created equal” was a nice thought… but it’s still so far from a reality.

  5. It amazes me that still . . . we are haring of injustice and inequality! So very sad . . . when will this stop?

  6. This line is so beautiful (as is the whole post, but this particular line resonates with me at this moment): “They eventually learn curfews are not because I did not trust them to go out into the world, but because I did not trust the world to give them back to us.” These truths. Thank you.

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