7 comments on “Grateful

  1. Everybody needs help somehow, in some way. That connects all of us, and yes- being able to really lift someone else in some way is gratifying. None of this surprises me at all, but I am surprised you’re willing to share it, since you normally keep those tendencies closer to your chest. Also, is it funny that I noticed (and was smiling about on behalf of all women) that he called you Miss instead of Ma’am. (: Glad you were there at what turned out to be the right time. Maybe there’s a market for this trend- Comeuppances by Raivenne.

  2. Beautiful, Rai. I love that you stood up in the face of what is, sadly, completely commonplace rudeness … and I love that you followed the story through, that you watched to see what would happen, that it gave you the opportunity to have an additional interaction with the woman who breezed past you.

    And I’m with Q: there’s no surprise for me in your kindness. It’s the only side of you I’ve ever seen!

  3. Well, I already knew you’re beautiful inside and out, but this makes you positively angelic. Now stop sticking out your tongue and continue to straighten out your halo. And I’ll apologize know for getting religious, “I was hungry and you gave me to eat.” On this day your face glows more than ever because you showed the child, the lady and the rest of us how we should always treat each other. Thank you for being such a wonderful human being and may you continue to be blessed.

    • Straighten out my halo? Are you kidding? That thing needs a forge, an anvil and one hell of a beat down to get in any kind of usable shape. Thanks Lyn.

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