11 comments on “The Bitter With The Sweet

  1. Thank you for this lovely post. I loved the image you created of him passing taking your laughter away and his giving it back to you. A lovely, lovely story.

  2. That’s really beautiful. If that “messing with his wife” was typical, it sounds as if the two of you couldn’t have been better matched. I have the feeling that, if I knew I were dying, and pulled such a stunt, my wife would probably freak. She can laugh at plenty, but I don’t think at that.

    As for “POSSLQ”, that’s probably one of the best examples of “government-ese” ever created. As the poet and newsman Charles Osgood penned, “There’s not a thing I wouldn’t do, if you would be my POSSLQ”

    • Trust me, he didn’t know he would be gone from this world five days later. He was being his usual “let’s mess with the wife” self.

      And that sounds like pure Osgood, lol.

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  4. Well, you may have laughed, but I’m still crying here. Beautiful story! After my parents passed, their business partner passed away and I bought flowers in my parents’ names for him. His relatives were a bit confused, and I had to explain that they would have sent flowers if they could, so I was just helping out.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful slice.
    I have made a “found poem”of SOL post titles today and your title is in my poem!

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