8 comments on “The Louvre Is Safe – For Now…

  1. Well, “The Louvre” may not come calling, but just paint a few more, and you can call your gallery “The Lourve!” Which even means love for inanimate objects, according to Urban Dictionary. Seriously, it’s good you went “off course.” It’s YOUR art! Glad you had fun, and even got something to hang on your wall! And it was fun to see the step by step process.

  2. “according to Urban Dictionary.” Now that’s a potentially loaded statement! Let’s leave the Louvre in Paris where it belongs. My home galleries will have more sophisticated names such as “Front Hall” or “The Loo”. 🙂

    Thanks Q

  3. Your painting is awesome I would would totally clamor for it if it were on the market for clamoring. However, seeing as how it is attempt número uno at acrylics I am assuming it is exclusively for the Raivenne MOMA 🙂 really awesome Rai Rai!!!

  4. I love this, and love that you took this class! Since I’m only just venturing into pencil and charcoal, this is so far from where I am, and really inspiring. Right now, my gallery is called “The Living Room Wall,” but I think there’s room for a Raivenne original!

    • Awww, someday soon you and I will do a trade off on artistic endeavors, promise. So we each have to keep a spot on the wall open. Thanks GG.

  5. I love your version better. Don’t kill me, but yours is less threatening and dark. I can go for a walk along your stream, but the original has the creepy skinny dead tree. Yep I’d hang yours before the other in the Front Hall. Even my nephew liked yours better.

    • I wasn’t a fan of the dead tree either and refused to paint it. I’m happy you find mine less threatening. You and your nephew have excellent taste – lol. Thanks Lyn.

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