9 comments on “This Chick In Paris – Part I

  1. Glad you’re enjoying your trip. You’re probably the first one to ever tell those guys off for feeling you up in the street. No doubt they needed it. As to the question of B.O, my father had been in France in 1945, and the soldiers were given a copy of a book called “112 Gripes About the French”. One of the entries concerned the complaint that the French needed to bathe more often. The book’s reply was “That’s understandable”. No doubt they could’ve used some Ban or Arm and Hammer (yes, I got it!).

    • Hey Bob, thanks! Actually, I’m already home and Paris is but a mostly pleasant memory. I knew you would “get it”, you’re as bad about puns as I am.

  2. I never encountered the “French attitude” either time I was there, I met many lovely people- still friends with some. I starting realizing the people I heard that from usually complained about a lot of other things, too. My theory is that the people who go and want everything to be just like it is at home (stay home, then!) start with the sneering attitude, and then when they ask for something, their own attitude is returned to them. The French are not stuck up, they just have no patience for those who do not appreciate their country. Vive la difference!

      • Nope! At least, every time I think about it. Oh, and Ray thought it was pretty funny. As for pommes frites, while they sell a lot there, it’s more to Americans than the French. Did you see people selling big newspaper cones full of them, all over, but lots of them near Forum Les Halles? If you see a French person buying them, watch- they eat a few, then feed the rest to the birds.

  3. Glad you had a good trip! I’ve been enjoying your pics on FB. I landed in Paris at 19 (about 100 years ago) without knowing any of the stereotypes about the city or its people. Sometimes, I think that level of ignorance is best for me because it leaves me open to just discovering. (I’m glad for your friends, however, that you had done the homework that alerted you quickly to what was happening on that walk to your hotel!) I had my “advanced beginner” French skills and pretty much no one gave me a hard time as I butchered their language … I did start getting some attitude from people when my French started improving, however. I guess people figured that, since I was trying to learn, it was their job to offer knuckle-rapping corrections to be sure I got my grammar right! Can’t wait to read about the food!

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