7 comments on “Random Acts

  1. A beautiful story. Not many New Yorkers, myself included, would have been able to do that. We’ve all been taught somewhere along the line that it is assumed that New Yorkers will mind their own business, no matter what is happening right in front of them.

    • In all honesty, Bob, on any other day I could have just as easily been the woman sitting next to him trying to “distance” herself from the situation.Goodness knows, I have walked away/ignore a lot of things I probably could/should have intervened out of indifference. I honestly cannot tell you why I did what I did today, other than it totally felt like the right thing to do at that moment. I have to presume The-Powers-That-Be put the woman in the leg cast in front of me, just so I would be the one standing in front of the man when he starting losing it.

  2. Well, hon, you’ve held my hand when I was raw, too. Thank you for being someone who looks twice, looks deeper, and wants to make a difference. You do.

    • Ah, but you’re a damned good friend, Q; we’re supposed to be there for each other when the tears fall. You’re hardly a total stranger, that looked liked he could have back-handed me into next year, had I been totally off-base in my gut instinct.

      • Yes, and so that’s why you’ve seen me at my worst.. But it’s my second sentence that applies to not just me, but the world around you.

  3. Wow…

    reading this definitely pulled my heartstrings…a great deal. Right now I am going through a lot of difficult emotions – loss, hurt, betrayal and sadness to name a few. Trying to get through them and trying to find closure. Sometimes you really feel alone with your pain, like no one’s there to comfort you in just the way or ways you need.

    You never got to know the man’s situation but just your gesture alone most likely made all the difference for him. Very sad but inspiring to read…

    If more people showed that level of empathy and humanity, the world would be so much better…

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