One comment on “That Old Chestnut…

  1. “Cleopatra” from the female point of view? Interesting, especially as she was known to call in her male slaves, have sex with them once, and then feed them to the crocodiles through a trap door.

    As to her mixed Greek-Egyptian heritage, when did the Greeks get in? She supposedly was the product of thirteen successive generations of brother-sister marriages. According to the late Sir Laurence Gardner, the pharoah was supposed to always be the child of the previous pharoah with his/her maternal half-sibling.

    Perhaps Cleopatra should be portrayed by a Black actress. Many of them would be capable of lending the required regal character to the role.

    Incidentally, I have never looked at this closely. Do the hieroglyphics portray Cleopatra as darker than the other figures? Considering the climate in which they lived, it seems likely that all of the ancient Egyptians would have been well tanned.

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