7 comments on “Life Goes On…

  1. Well, Raivenne starts blogging. This is yet another step in your thousand point plan to take over the universe, I assume? 🙂

    Thoughtfully written and resonant, just like you. I also appreciate the chance to to fill in some details that I didn’t know. A toast to you and your reservoirs of inner strength and talent.

    • Oh darn! You’ve figured out my plan! MUAHAHAHAHA! No, I’m not really trying to take over the world (crosses fingers behind back) 😉 Much Thanks!

  2. Count me in as a reader from Australia Raivenne!

    Beautifully worded, and had me wiping tears away. Thank you for allowing us into this precious part of your life. Kudos!

  3. Rai,
    I do Pray yesterday treated you gentle and the strength of a lifetime carried you through. Thank you so much for sharing this special place within the heart of your soul with each of us. As always, your penmanship rises above the rest and leaves us craving more…much more of the one and only Raivenne! Pen on My Friend!

    With Love~

  4. I like your creative and serching spirit. Who searches the only one will find.
    By the way, I love the photo, give up more.
    The God bless you!

  5. My friend, you’ve been on a journey no one would choose to begin. My heart goes out to you. I feel truly honored to have read your page and come on part of this journey with you. I hope you write more as you continue to travel.

    (((Hugs))) Viv

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