No. 2 Soft

I remember my first encounters with you
Not my first childish attempts of
What I now know is my full passion
But the first time
The time when I knew this was it
The joy I felt
Holding you close to me
Running my fingers over the mysteries
of your contours
No longer questioning why
I’m drawn to you

And every now and then
When the confines of that
Which I call my world
Threaten to crowd me
Almost as reflex I suppose,
I find myself
In a place
Where walls don’t always exist
And when I’m occasionally selfish
You don’t mind
For you know
The extent of the power
You have over me
When drawn with you

You give worlds of images
All perfectly contained
Within the movements
Of as few
Or as many
Well placed strokes
From my soul
As drawn through you

Nothing beats the feel
Of you
No. 2 Soft
No. 2 Soft Pencil
dVerse Meeting the Bar