7 comments on “π In The Sky

  1. Curses! But maybe everyone IS taking the snow day and making pi(e) and perhaps someone will bring you a slice or two 🙂 HOW could all the canned fruit be gone??!! Here’s to a yummy day, anyway!

  2. Weather makes us do nutty things. When I lived in Florida, we stocked up on non-perishables whenever a hurricane was barreling towards us. Now that I live in North Carolina we do the same with hurricanes and/or snow storms. “Bread and milk, bread and milk, bread and milk,” we run around screaming. But, it’s also kind of fun, isn’t it?

  3. I agree that our neighbors’ apocalypse shopping is so strange! I have some pie-makings here — though not the ingredients of my favorite pies — and I was debating whether I wanted to go to the trouble when it’s just me here. Your post may be the final argument that sends me into the kitchen, my friend! 🙂

  4. Well, there is always a good old lemon sponge or shoo fly pie. How can you tell I live in Dutch country? If worse comes to worse, there is always, Heaven forbid, Mrs. Smith or Tastykake.

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