I’m stripped soul-naked standing bare
To a universe made of blank paper
Its mocking nakedness haunts me
Seductively taunts me with its vapor

I see words as pieces of my deepest soul
Shattered apart in my passions throes
Then brought together in a multi-hued mosaic
A stained glass window, if you will, of prose

Words reaching through time with voices of one from long ago
Words reaching for the vernacular of the street griot, ya kno’

Words lose me in the folds of its scripts
And lets me discover myself yet again
Words listen to me when no one else wants to
Words speaks to me in a way no one else can

Sometimes my words scroll across my monitor
To let me say what I want to say
Sometimes I resort to pen and paper,
To express myself in some other way

It sometimes scares me to the core, being so beholden to such
I’m scared of being pushed away, I care for these words so much,

Yes, I cater to word’s selfish lusts
It’s a call I’ll always heed
Words give off a satisfaction
That’s almost carnal in need

But lately my words are not happy
With the scratch of the mighty pen
There’s this new desire to be heard
And it’s a most frightening yen

Paper no longer holds them, my words have something to say
But in the excitement to be heard, words get in their own way

I feared the bleat of vocals failing
Changing the meanings I devise
Yes, my words on paper are lovely
Words from my voice are otherwise

But words have trusted me all this time
In the handling of its care
Spoken word is the natural evolution
If only I take up the dare

So I put my trust in my words, as it puts in me alike
I take a prayer and a breath and step up to this mike


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight | Week 90

24 thoughts on “Words

  1. YES Rai! YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!

    “Paper no longer holds them, my words have something to say
    But in the excitement to be heard, words get in their own way”

    I took the plunge 2 years ago and stepped onto an open mic stage … shaky and afraid of failing – in fact I forgot my entire second verse I was so nervous! – But the LOVE and SUPPORT kept me going ….

    I am now not just Robert the poet… I am PASSION … I have been on national stages, won national awards, I have just been on television after performing at our Prime Minister’s official residence…. and my journey has only just begun!

    So I SUPPORT THIS PIECE and this PHENOMENAL POET, RAIVENNE. I’m only sorry we are not closer so I can support you in person!

    If you wanna see my page on FB it is http://www.facebook.com/PassonPoet (the misspelling is deliberate, there is already a female poet called PassionPoet lol)


  2. we can not get ourselves ahead of our words you know….far too many lose it in trying to be heard…and in getting published they sacrifice the people that helped them get there in the first place…write it….let the words have their way and you will get the attention…

    • Some of my writes are visual and would never be suitable for speaking, I like that about them and would not change it. Others are begging to be heard in a new format. It is interesting to read this from you, as I know there are a few of my writes in which you commented how you would love to hear them spoken.

  3. When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less. – Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland

  4. nice emotional ride here. Words are more powerful than mere symbolic representations of language. The trust in words is a particularly effective way of illustration this relationship on a personal level. Nicely done. Thanks

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