13 comments on “There in the Shadows of the Night

  1. This reads so beautifully – lovely evocation of the many facets of the night, and I am sure was not an easy poem to write given the strict rhyming structure – yet it flows effortlessly. Bravo!! 🙂

  2. It was the third stanza before I spotted the form – so well done on making it seem so natural. This poem has a beautiful flow to it, and there are some delicious images, as well as some dark ones.

    • Keeping the structure, yet hiding the form is always the hard part for me. If I’m tripping over the words, I presume the readers will as well. Thank you Tony.

    • I read some your words before, MLM. You have a flow, it may not be in the ever classic iambic pentameter, yet there is movement. Thank you!

  3. It’s not easy finding that many words that rhyme. I like the pacing and the action. A story unfolds and I was definitely taken captive. I like how you move “There in the shadows of the night” down a line with each stanza. Glad I stopped by.

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