21 comments on “No. 2 Soft

  1. haha i like it…i often write in my journal in pencil giving me the freedom to erase as i need….there is just something about holding a wood pencil as well…smiles.

  2. Raivenne…I’m laughing out loud. I was composing comments as I read this and then when I hit the ending….well, it’s still sensual and I understand the passion and intimacy behind that shared relationship! :0)

  3. Raivenne, incredible! After realizing that the title was not a pun on “No, too soft”, I finished with the feeling that this is undoubtedly the first time in my life that I wished I were a pencil.

  4. ..ha, no. 2 mongol is my fave too… ‘mongol’ was a local counterpart here… it’s not too dark and not too light… just enough to make better write and sketches… excellent ode to note.. and a good subject picked… smiles…

    • I remember Mongols from my when I was in school. I use various mediums to express myself these days, but when it comes to sketching it’s always a N. 2 for me. Thanks Kelvin. .

  5. Excellent! You had me going in one direction and then the ending…pow…and you’re so right…I’ve always loved those pencils…described the relationship beautifully.

  6. I’m fooled again, thinking of it as a lover. I have the same feeling about those soft pencils. I always pen my original poems with them, and I got through years of school with them as a companion with whom to doodle during boring lectures. :0)

  7. Haha, great idea for a post and beautiful execution of the idea. My handwriting is atrocious but I still have a love affair with the idea of pencils….even just the smell of new ones straight from the box, or pencil shavings….mmm 🙂

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