How Do I Remember You Today?

How do I remember you today?

Faded ribbons holding memories
Twirling the colors between my fingers

Indigo as the night you first touched me just so

Scarlet as the blood pulsing through my veins
When I went from your girl to your wife
Perhaps the white as the fresh made snowball in sunlight
That I waited until I was inside the house to throw

Faded ribbons holding memories

Maybe the orange of the summer tiger lilies
You didn’t think could grow in our yard
Oh, the lush green for the fresh-cut lawn
I had to teach you how to mow

Twirling the colors between my fingers

Perhaps the rich deep brown of steak
Well done as you loved, but I abhorred
Then there’s the aqua as crystal clear
As the waters of our Caribbean cruises

Or the slate of the morn I became your widow

Twirling the colors between my fingers
Faded ribbons holding memories

How do I remember you today?


Theme Thursday | RIBBONS

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Poetics– taking a ride on the color wheel

13 thoughts on “How Do I Remember You Today?

  1. Oh this is so beautiful and also so very sad. The beautiful memories that we try to hold on to with all of our heart and then to know that they can fade. I think we are very blessed to live in a time of which pictures and videos are very common and they are so wonderful in helping us to keep our memories alive and well. Sadly I have no videos of those who were not alive during these times of easy access to recordings. Thank goodness we have pictures. I think you have painted such a thoughtful picture of the faded memories with the use of ribbons.

    Thanks for coming back and posting with us again at Theme Thursday. I hope you will stay with us and post each week. Have a blessed weekend.

    God bless.

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