11 comments on “Tar Beach

  1. this has a really nice rhythm to it…it pulls me back to simpler days…when doors were not locked and people sat on front porches…at least that was in my neck of the woods…i would def not mind a good barbecue right now either…a little dancing…

    • Thanks. Brian.

      I’m happy to say, I do know a couple of places like that which still exist. When I visit friends/family in those areas they just smile patiently and shake their heads at me in amusement when I, the big city gal, instinctively want to lock everything up.

  2. Awesome write, Raivenne. I never been to Tar Beach, ceptin right after the BP blowup, but I could just see all this, and it was cool. Too bad it’s a thing of the past.

  3. I like the flow and the repetition of “The poor folk’s version of Riviera ways,/Straight up the stairs, through the door to Tar Beach.” Never been to a Tar Beach; I can only imagine the sweltering heat. You paint such a fun picture. I wonder…how different are your backyard bbqs?

    • My backyard was small, no room for wannabe grown, but not quite there yet teenagers/youngsters to hide. Other than that pretty much the same. Thanks RMP.

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