Two Sides

All day and night that is all
I want of you – I
Want with a want so deep that “want
Is too trite a word – this is
To me my very breath – to
Be in this love is to be
Yours and only yours
Forever and forever

All you ask of me, I ignore all
I submit easily to your succor but I
Want so little of what you want
Is this all there is?
To simply enjoy it for now – to
Be something temporary – to be
Yours and only yours
Tonight, but only for tonight


Playing around with two forms  1) Word Acrostics (the first word of each line forms a phrase) and 2) Serpentine (each line of verse beginning and ending with the same word), throw in opposites to tell a familiar tale and even have a little something of a shape – I think I’ve achieved balance.

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18 thoughts on “Two Sides

  1. Three forms in fact. The content of the second stanza is totally opposite to that of the first. Well written, and it couldn’t have been easy.

    • The opposing views is why I named it “Two Sides” The idea to make a word acrostic came second. To also make it a serpentine came last. Now that was the hard part.

  2. And I was wondering is you were trying to do some poetic form of hanjie, having the whole silhouette be a woman’s body. I think not, but you’re pretty close to doing that too! 😀

  3. I really enjoyed this, depicting the passion of romance, turning inside out that paradox of eternity and transience. Each moment cannot contain eternity, though we desire it to. Your poem really captures that so well.

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