21 comments on “Release

  1. smiles..nice…made me think back of my last night in rome…a sultry night as well…and sleep fled…so i wrote a poem…smiles..love your take on the prompt raivenne..

  2. While at UCLA (ca. 1970), I “heeded ganja’s call” a few times. (Oops! Just blew my chances to run for President!) Didn’t really need it then, but could sometimes use it now. Beautifully written! At first I was going to ask what happened to the second poem, but then I realized that there actually are two 5-7-5-7-7 poems side-by-side.

  3. My first time to see a super tanka…very cool form.

    I like this line best:

    There swells a nightingale’s song, I close my eyes and breathe deep

  4. A lovely weave. I wondered what Ganja’s call was but, having seen the comment from Brian about the munchies… I don’t think I need to wonder anymore… LOL
    Really lovely.

  5. Very clever weaving. This must have taken a bit of planning to get it to work reading it either way. I enjoyed it. I’m a 60s child..got the reference immediately. Know those sultry nights. 3/4 or more of our nights are like humid and warm. Very textured and true to form. Well done.

    • “This must have taken a bit of planning…” Not really. I had a premise of two unexpected things combined Nightingale/Ganja. The rest just fell into place quickly. I think this took all of 20 minutes with revisions. Sometimes the muse is very nice to me. Thank you.

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