6 comments on “Not My Baby

  1. You brought a smile to my face today. Especially the line about him walking on his toes. My nephew used to do that too. Now he has his own little strut and damn his voice in the background when I’m on the phone gets me in trouble people think I got a man hidden in my house.
    No matter what they will always be our babies.

    Thank you.

  2. What broke my baby – Oh my – those words hit me just as your son’s growing up hit you. I saw his walk so clearly, and I saw it change; You did this so well, showing it first from the mother’s heart, then her eyes, and finally, from the eyes of his brother. You made it real. You authenticated it. Excellent writing; really fine work!

  3. A swagger — i can picture it. This post is so full of maternal love and tenderness. I can relate! Though i’m not ready for my 4yo’s swagger, i too think my baby has a beatific smile.

    Love your avatar!

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