5 comments on “What Goes Around…

  1. And THIS would be why I didn’t get a “home safe” call? Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry. At least you had good “stick to your ribs” fare in you for strength, and not too much alcohol. No coming off the sidelines at football this weekend, and do try to get a tad more rest than usual, purty pleez?

  2. Raivenne,

    Glad to hear you’re OK after all this. If it happens again (I hope not), try and kick him down the stairs while you’re at it. I’m amazed they even try this while on the stairs.

  3. Glad to read you’re (mostly) ok! YOU WON! YEAH!

    I was ‘attempted upon’ many yrs ago on CPW, so it’s not always the neighborhood! My back was hurting that eve, too. I heard steps behind me that didn’t sound right so I was on guard.

    When he grabbed the bag I turned & hung on with both hands. There was a few seconds of back forth tugging. He let go & jumped over the wall as I was yelling & brandishing my umbrella. He turned once to look back, a little shocked. I won, AND my back had stopped hurting!

    Happy Holidays. Be safe & well.

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