4 comments on “What’s next, Ku Klux Klan Week?

  1. I saw Anderson Cooper’s coverage of this last night on 360. I was absolutely appalled at the Confederate debater (Brag Bowling) and his “defense,” choosing to defend by attacking, finger-pointing at the Union, and saying how they invaded and brought atrocities. I’m not quoting, just the gist. Of course war is hell- but his incredibly narrow and self-serving view of events was shocking.

  2. I’m apparently way out of touch about current events as I had no idea this happened. The insensitivity and ignorance on behalf of the governor and anyone supporting this is shocking.. well, sadly not that shocking.

    Supposedly the number of organized hate groups are at an all time high since Barack Obama became president. Championing the Confederates seems like an extension of this. My best friend, raised by her devout Baptist grandmother always repeats something she used to say to her growing up, “God don’t like ugly.” This is indeed ugly.

    Great post, Raivenne.

  3. …is it me, or has the climate of racism increased somewhat lately? I would have to believe that folk just wasn’t ready for a Black president!! But now, boy they really ‘turned up the volume’, so to speak – and these folk really don’t care who they hurt in the process. Anyway, like folk down south say, ‘God Don’t Like Ugly’; and these folk are hurting my eyes, something awful!! Great post, sis!

  4. Great post, Rai! You’d think they’d have gotten tired of all that Confederate crap down there by now, especially since the area supposedly entered the modern world in the last few decades with hi-tech companies, etc. relocating there. Certainly significant parts of Virginia, as well as places like Atlanta and Raleigh, are now full of displaced New Yorkers.

    Incidentally, noticing some comments on Facebook, it’s ironic that the Confederate sympathizers would now be using the Republicans to push their cause. Until Goldwater ran opposite LBJ in 1964, they hadn’t voted Republican for 100 years! Their “Southern Democrat” senators and congressmen were typically re-elected for 40-50 years, and attempted to block all civil rights legislation. They finally began to die off in the 1960’s.

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