10 comments on “Whispers of a Muse

  1. Really nice, Rai! I *really* like prose style poetry, and you have a lot of gems in this one. Bonus for the silhouette!

    • Thanks Q!

      This was one of those rare poems that pretty much fell into place from the moment of idea conception to completion, including the silhouette.

  2. This was delightful how the muse really does drive the poet on in this piece – mere putt. Excellent work and fun to watch you incorporate poetic terms.

    Thanks for sending the muse to One shot for a brief interlude

  3. ha this was a delight to read, wether it be a fellow poet, or just your muse that you call to i hope they take you, just as you bid…

  4. This is an awesome write … took a while to comment coz I was running for my dictionary to look up all these words that are from poetry and linguistics … LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!! ❤

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