Obsession: My Ode To Joe

No Coffee

For Lent I gave up coffee – it is going to be a looooooooooong 44 days.

This is my confession it is my obsession
I have a natural predilection to its addiction
Memories of my father and his ocher cup
Attached to his side, breakfast, lunch and sup’

My oath to drink only one all my friends joke about
I would offer my first-born rather than do without

An olden concoction for which we modernists still toil

To smell its aroma fills me with such frustration
To see its liquid flow as I pour fills me with anticipation
To taste its liquid heat is such a sensation
To feel its burn down my throat fills me with elation
To hear that last swallow fills me with such trepidation

For some it is more precious than diamonds, gold or oil

An obsession shared by many on this orb
As sip after sip it is so greedily absorbed

I oscillate between the need the makes my heart burst
And the joy of feeling the elixir oust my deep thirst

I’m like a kid with chewiest of toffee
Nothing beats that first oomph of coffee

11 thoughts on “Obsession: My Ode To Joe

  1. Brilliant! I know some folks that you have just described to a T! I’m glad you sent me the link, I missed it when you first posted. I enjoy the smell but have never deveoped the taste.

  2. Fabulous! And I love coffee so we need a few more poems about the joe. Yeah! If we didn’t have it we wouldn’t know what we were missing but since we do, we love it! If I miss it and I can a little headache comes my way. I’m a nurse and a couple cups is good for you 🙂 The poem is good too.

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