11 comments on “Obsession: My Ode To Joe

  1. Brilliant! I know some folks that you have just described to a T! I’m glad you sent me the link, I missed it when you first posted. I enjoy the smell but have never deveoped the taste.

  2. hmmm…nothing better than when the scent of fresh brewed coffee fills the house in the morning…this would really give me a hard time…40 days…wow..

  3. Replace coffee with tea and this would be me.

    However, since I just came off just over a year without chocolate, I’m skipping lent this time round.

    And, a great poem here. A pleasure to read.

  4. Fabulous! And I love coffee so we need a few more poems about the joe. Yeah! If we didn’t have it we wouldn’t know what we were missing but since we do, we love it! If I miss it and I can a little headache comes my way. I’m a nurse and a couple cups is good for you 🙂 The poem is good too.

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